Receiver Truing Tools

Accurizing System for Remington 700 and Winchester Model 70 Classic Actions

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“Blueprinting” of the above action types has been made a lot easier with the introduction of specialized tooling from Manson Precision Reamers. The following operations can be performed with the tools listed below:

  • -re-cutting of receiver lugs square to the beltway and to the same height
  • -re-cutting of the receiver threads .010” oversize and square to the boltway
  • -truing of the front receiver ring (and recoil lug on Win. Model 70 Classic)
  • -reaming of the Rem-style recoil lug to the correct oversize diameter

Three tools are required for the above operations. They are described below and are sold individually, or as a set.

Piloted Tap/Mandrel, A special piloted tap, 1 1/16”-16 ground .010” over standard pitch diameter for truing receiver threads. Two hardened, tapered bushings are carefully fitted to the Tap’s pilot. These bushings engage the receiver boltway to center the Tap and compensate for different receiver I.D.s. The Tap/Mandrel is sufficiently long that, when it has been fully threaded into a receiver, it may be used as a precision mandrel between centers in the lathe to square up the front receiver ring. Made from High Speed Steel, carefully hardened and ground and then TiN-coated, the Tap/Mandrel is a precision cutting tool designed for long and profitable service.

Piloted Receiver Reamer, A special piloted reamer used to cut the minor receiver thread diameter to the correct size for tapping with the 1 1/16”-16 +.010” piloted Tap/Mandrel and cut receiver lugs square to the boltway and to the same height. It uses the same tapered bushings as the Tap/Mandrel. On the Win. Model 70 Classic, this reamer removes the interrupted 1”-16 receiver thread while re-cutting the receiver lugs. High-Speed Steel, carefully hardened and ground.

Recoil Lug Reamer, Used to open the hole in the Rem-style recoil lug so a barrel shank, threaded to the +.010” diameter will fit properly. Saves A LOT of milling machine set-up. High Speed Steel, carefully hardened and ground.