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Dave Manson, Founder
Dave Manson, Founder

Dave Manson, Founder

our history

Dave Manson founded Manson Precision Reamers in 1998. Under his leadership, engineering prowess, and industry expertise, the company grew to become the country’s premier supplier of chamber reamers, headspace gauges, and cutting tools for firearms. Retiring in 2022, Dave continues to be an active and valued consultant for the company.

our mission

From the first day we opened shop until today, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing our clients with the finest and most precise cutting tools and gauges available. Whether you’re a large manufacturer, one-man shop, or hobbyist, you’ll find our dedication to providing you with the proper tooling is unsurpassed.

our future

Under the leadership of President Jeff Blevins we’re increasing our already large stock of standard chambering reamers and headspace gauges for all types of firearms with the goal to offer any caliber and/or wildcat on special order.

We’ll also continue to expand our selection of tooling for other gunsmithing tasks. From action truing to muzzle re-crowning, from installation of screw-in chokes to extending forcing cones and gauging barrel wall thickness, it’s likely we have a product that will help in your work.

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meet the team

The team here at Manson Precision Reamers includes a group of some of the most skilled experts in the industry. For many years, Manson Precision Reamers has provided the best possible tools thanks to this talented team of individuals.

Jeff Blevins Manson Precision Reamers

Jeff Blevins

810-953-0732 | email

As far back as he can remember, Jeff has loved firearms.  From running around his childhood backyard with plastic pistols to training with some of the world’s best tactical shooters, his love hasn’t changed.  Jeff has been involved in high-precision manufacturing his entire life and has manufactured parts for some of the most sophisticated aircraft that the U.S. Military has to offer.  Taking what he has learned from his Aerospace manufacturing background, he is excited to enter a new phase for Manson Reamers and continue to serve its customers with high-precision products.

Blake Ross - Manson Precision Reamers

Blake Ross

Plant Manager
810-953-0732 | email

Blake has spent much of his career working as a Quality Manager, where manufacturing tight tolerances and perfect finishes come as second nature. His quality experience and passion for the outdoors help Manson Precision Reamers provide the best possible products in the industry. Blake has been with the company since 2018.

Ray Gross - Manson Precision Reamers

Ray Gross

Design Engineer
810-953-0732 | email

As a long-time competitive shooter, coach, hunter, handloader and gun builder, Ray brings a wealth of experience to our design team. He trained with Dave Manson for over four years, making him an expert in reamer and gage design and manufacturing.

Ray’s experience also includes serving on SAAMI review committees and on both national and international rulemaking committees for various shooting sports.

latest news

Check back to our website often to get the latest news from Manson Precision Reamers including upcoming events, new product launches, sales and promotions.