How Do I Deal With Chatter?

The thought of reamer chatter during chambering strikes fear in the heart of even the most experienced gunsmith. This condition can ruin an expensive barrel and add unnecessary cost to what should have been a profitable job. With many possible causes of chatter, it’s not unusual for several to be present at one time. Please review our article Chatter on the types, causes, and cures of chatter for help troubleshooting this problem.

Gunsmithing Lessons

Questions we get from customers generally fall into two categories: (1) Specifications of the tools we make and/or how they’re designed to be used and (2) Gunsmithing/machining techniques.

Because we’re toolmakers, NOT gunsmiths, we’re happy to answer questions in the first category; questions in the second category cause us problems.  As a service-oriented company, we want to provide answers to our customers, but aren’t set up to provide instruction in basic gunsmithing/machining techniques.

Our products are highly technical in nature–their successful use requires certain basic levels of machining and gunsmithing knowledge.  We can provide information about our products, but can’t really bring the novice machinist to the skill level needed for firearms work. The beginner is much better off seeking instruction from schools set up to provide this type of education or reading gunsmithing books such as “The Complete Illustrated Guide to Precision Rifle Barrel Fitting” by John Hinnant found in our catalog.

We’ll continue to provide information on all our products, but hope you’ll understand if we refer you to other authorities for questions outside our area of expertise.