Complete Polishing Kit


“including (1) Polishing Bob (specify angle),
(1) Adaptor Body, (12) Felt Discs, (1) Ball-end Hex Bit “

While most customers consider re-crowning complete after using our Muzzle Crown cutters, some have asked us to develop tooling that allows the crown to be polished without losing any of the precision of the cut crown. We’ve done this, and the various components of the kit appear below.

Polishing a crown requires that the same Pilot Assembly be used to guide the Polishing Bob as was used to pilot the Cutter to ensure the polished crown is concentric. The Bobs match the angles of the Cutters (0-degree and 11-degree). Their front surfaces are covered with self-adhesive felt discs that carry polishing abrasive. Bobs are driven by an Adaptor Body, which in turn is driven by a ball-end Hex Bit to be used in your cordless drill motor. Note: If you already have our Military Rifle Re-Crowning Kit, the Adaptor Body and Hex Bit are included, so you don’t need to purchase these items to polish crowns.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Choose you Degree:

0 Degree, 11 Degree


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