Military Rifle Muzzle Re-Crowning Tool Kit


Includes one Pilot Assembly, One Muzzle Crowning Cutter (Specify 0 or 11 deg), One Driver Adaptor, One Ball-End Hex Bit.

Our Muzzle Crown Refacing Tool Kit has proven very popular in that a barrel may be precisely re-crowned by hand, without a lathe, or even having to remove the action from the stock. It’s been a money-maker for the gunsmith who has a fair number of customers whose guns’ accuracy have fallen off and could be restored by re-crowning.

Some not in the trade are understandably reluctant to purchase an expensive kit if they don’t have many rifles that would benefit from this work. It’s these shooters we were thinking of when we developed our “Military Rifle Re-Crowning Tool Kit”.

It’s a basic Kit, utilizing only those components absolutely necessary to re-crowning a damaged or worn muzzle - as is often seen on old military rifles. To reduce the cost of the Kit further, we designed a simplified Driver Adaptor that is driven by a low speed (less than 300 RPM) cordless drill motor, with a ball-end Hex Bit to ensure proper alignment. 

Please note that all standard Muzzle Crown Kit components will work with the Military Kit. For example, if you want to crown other calibers, simply order the appropriate Pilot Assemblies. Likewise, if you wish to chamfer the outside of the barrel, request our Deburr/Chamfer Cutter.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Choose Your Cutter

0 Degrees, 11 Degrees

Choose Your Pilot

22 Cal, 6MM, 25 Cal, 6.5MM, 270 Cal, 7MM, 30 Cal, 8MM, 338 Cal, 357/358 Cal (9MM), 375 Cal, 40/10MM, 416 Cal, 44 Cal, 45 Pistol, 458, 50 Cal


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