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Manson Reamers Visit Gordy Gritters’ Extreme Accuracy Institute

Published November 20, 2023

Manson Reamers goes to Florida!

The team at Manson Reamers took a special trip down to Florida to attend a private 1 on 1 course with master gunsmith Gordy Gritters. The purpose of attending this program was to better strengthen our team’s knowledge of our tool’s functionality for the end user. Although the team has plenty of experience in this realm, learning from Gordy himself sets our bar even higher and allows us to relate to the end user in a very practical way. Jordan Lewis is one of our machinists here at Manson Reamers. Jordan is one of the two machinists responsible for hand-crafting wildcat reamers and all the “one-offs”. Being able to fully understand what the end user may experience when using the reamers is what will keep our quality top notch, Ray Gross manages the engineering department at Manson Reamers, as well as handling all technical support. 

the extreme accuracy institute with gordy gritters.

The Extreme Accuracy Institute is a precision gunsmithing school created by master gunsmith Gordy Gritters for the purpose of teaching hobbyists / do-it-yourselfers, as well as professional gunsmiths, exactly how to build extremely accurate custom rifles, and all the techniques needed to accurize factory rifle. Gordy Gritters has been one of the top precision rifle builders in the world for many years! Competitors using rifles built by Gordy have set multiple state, regional, national, and world records, and have won numerous state, regional, national, and world championships over the past 36 years! Gordy has been teaching classes for the past 26 years to help people learn precision rifle building, gunsmithing, and long range shooting – these gunsmithing classes have been attended by hundreds of gunsmiths and hobbyists since 1997.