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TiCN Coating

Published September 13, 2015

Titanium CarboNitride (TiCN) coating is a process that infuses a very thin (.0001”-.0002”) layer of TiCN into the surface of high speed steel tools. The coating is extremely hard and “slippery”. Because of these characteristics, it offers better surface finishes and at least twice the tool life of uncoated high speed steel.

Titanium Nitride (TiN), “gold” coating, has also been used for years in this role, but isn’t as useful for cutting tools as TiCN. TiCN is a light-to-dark grey coating, sometimes with a pink tint.

We offer TiCN coating of individual reamers @ $18.00 each, with discounts available for higher volumes.

Doubling the life of a $100.00 reamer for an additional $18.00 seems a good bargain to us, but may not be appropriate if you’ll only use a reamer a few times. If, however, you cut a lot of, say, 308 Win chambers, the extra cost begins to make sense. (For more information see FAQ “High Speed Steel, Carbide and TiCN Coating”).

Let us know if you’d like your next reamer TiCN coated and we’ll be happy to oblige.