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Sending Things To Us

Published October 29, 2015

This week the postman and UPS driver brought us three packages that we opened and simply set aside, without doing anything with them. If any of them was yours, and you needed something done in a hurry, we won’t know because there were no instructions or contact information included—just a tool or two, or a dummy round.

You may have called and talked to someone about an alteration or sharpening you wanted. Last week, or two months ago–it doesn’t matter when you called, we simply can’t be expected to remember specific conversations because we talk to so many people.

When sending packages to us for whatever reason, please include your name, address, phone and email–if you have it. You must also provide specific instructions as to what you want done with whatever you sent (Dave doesn’t know what you need).  Finally, please provide payment information so we don’t have to make an otherwise unnecessary call.

When we have the information we need, your work will be completed more quickly than if we have to guess at what you want done. And, your package won’t sit on a shelf, waiting for you to contact us.