Muzzle Crowning Tool Kit with 2 Pilots


Includes 0 DEG & 11 DEG Cutter, Manual Driver, 2 PILOTS, User Manual, Protective Case, and Hardware.

Developed from auto racing technology, the Muzzle Crown Refacing Tools allow you to cut or re-cut a precision crown without removing the barreled action from the stock. A hand operation that’s complete in less than five minutes, these tools will make money for you while restoring a gun’s accuracy lost due to a damaged crown. The carbide inserts cut smoothly, last indefinitely, and are easily replaced if damaged. Note: The 22 Cal Pilot Assembly will work for 5.45X39.

Our standard pilot assemblies cannot be used in 17 and 20 Cal barrels - the small bore diameters don’t allow for sufficient rigidity in an expandable pilot design. If you wish to re-crown barrels in these bore sizes, special Crowning Cutters, with integral, solid pilots, must be used.

Replacement parts for Pilot Assemblies are available, but please call for information and pricing.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


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