308 Winchester 2013 FTR Team


Reamers are available in both Roughers and Finishers with only a Removable (Live) Pilot option. Pilot Bushings to nominal bore diameter are included with removable pilots. Additional Pilot Bushings can be purchased under Pilot Bushings.

TiCN Coating, formally known as Titanium Carbo-Nitride coating, is an all-purpose strengthening coating that does especially well with cutting applications. Adding a total thickness of approximately .0001″ – .0002″ (2 – 5 Microns), TiCN coating will lengthen the life of your reamer and keep your tools sharper for longer.

Oil grooves are an available option for all chamber reamers over 22 caliber. The grooves allow for a better flow of cutting fluid as well as flushing of chips.

Manson Precision Reamers sponsored both the 2013 and 2017 US FTR teams with this reamer and both went on to win their respective World Championship.

The 308 Winchester 2013 FTR Team uses the standard 308 Winchester headspace gauges.

The 308 Winchester 2013 FTR Team T30 uses the standard 308 Winchester Roughing Chamber Reamer.

Long neck version used by US Rifle team to win 2017 World Championships (with both small and large primer Lapua
308 brass). Chamber has been used very successfully with Berger 185 Juggs, 200 Hybrids and 200.20x among others.

Long chamber neck was originally designed for fireforming 7-08 brass. For Lapua brass, Min Chamber Length could
be shortened by .020, to standard 2.025 length, (thus reducing neck length) and freebore lengthened by same .020,
to .190, to achieve same seating depth.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Rougher or Finisher

Rougher, Finisher


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