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Manufacturing Times

Published October 29, 2015

In spite of adding machinery and personnel, our manufacturing times for special-order items are still much longer than we’d like.

The manufacture of chambering reamers is much more involved than making gauges, and that is a small part of the problem. The larger issue is the many orders for “specials” that are ahead of yours.

When quoting an estimated manufacturing time, we look at our backlog and make a “best guess”, based upon our backlog, the type of reamer and its similarity to other orders already in the shop.   Generally, we come pretty close to our estimate.

What doesn’t help us to meet your expectation of when your tool will be finished, is having to answer calls asking about its progress, even though we all understand the frustration of waiting for something after having ordered it.

Calls about your tool’s progress won’t speed it through the shop and only serve to frustrate us and likely you as well. If we’ve quoted 3-4 months, please give us at least the 3 months before calling.  We’ll have more time to devote to production and you won’t have to hear us remind you of the manufacturing time we quoted when you ordered.