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E-Mail and Tracking Numbers

Published February 2, 2017

Over the past several years, the amount of time we spend answering e-mails and providing tracking numbers has increased way out of proportion to any increase in sales.

With tracking numbers, it seems that everyone wants to plot the progress of his order during shipment.  We have no way of sending these automatically, so it has to be done manually, which takes time that could better be used otherwise.

Because of this, we will no longer provide tracking numbers unless a package is lost—which was the original purpose of tracking numbers.

As far as e-mails go, 2 or 3 used to be sufficient to settle questions regarding an order.  Over the past several years, twice as many seem to be needed to cover all the bases, and the questions/e-mails are not nearly as well thought-out as in the past.  It’s almost as if the sender has a phone in his hand, sending individual questions as they occur to him.

We’re not Twitter and can deal with more than one question at a time.  So please think through your project and ask all questions in your first communication so we can answer them more efficiently. We know there will occasionally be follow-up questions and will gladly deal with those when they arise.