Extreme Long Range Chamber Reamers

The 2018 King of Two Mile is history and our congratulations go to the winners and all who participated.  It’s a great event that advances the technology of ELR shooting and contributes to our body of knowledge.

If you’ve been inspired by Kof2M and would like to build a similar ELR rifle, we have a few chambering reamers in stock virtually identical to those used by some of the competitors.  Listed below is what’s immediately available.  We can, of course, provide tooling for virtually any ELR design.

(2) 416 Barrett Match finishers (for Barrett/Ruag brass), with removable pilots and oil grooves.  $245.00 each.  

(1) 416 Barrett finisher throated for Cutting Edge projectiles, with removable pilot and oil grooves. $245.00.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (1) 416 Barrett Improved full-length sizing die reamer, with removable pilot and oil grooves. $245.00.

If required, headspace gauges are available in two weeks for these calibers @$80.00 each.

Contact us if interested for details, specs, etc.

Dave Manson Precision Reamers                                                                                                   810-953-0732