Wildcat Specials

We manufacture standard tooling, which we always stock, and special-order reamers, which are made to specific order.  Since “specials” are currently taking 12-14 weeks to complete, we’ve made one or more extra of calibers requested recently.  Below is a list of the “extras” that are available immediately.  They’re still priced as specials ($170 for solid pilot, $200 removable pilot-for most- and come in wooden boxes), but they can ship now.  Maybe one of them is just what you need!

5.7 x 28 9 mm Nato
 30 BR 50-70 Govt.
338 WSM 500 Linebaugh
 416-408 Chey-Tac RPF   300 Norma Mag
375  Remington Ultra Mag  348 Win
7.62×39 CIP  20 Tactical